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CUAPGR Workshop Report

The 2nd National Workshop (after 23 years of the first workshop which was held in 1994) on Conservation and Utilization of Agricultural Plant Genetic Resources (CUAPGR) was held from 22 to 23 May 2017 in Mirabel Hotel, Dhulikhel. This workshop, inaugurated by Honorable Minister of Agricultural Development, Gauri Shankar Chaudhary, was organized jointly by National Agriculture Genetic Resources Center, Fruit Development Directorate, Department of Agriculture and Ministry of Agricultural Development. Theme of the workshop was agro-biodiversity for securing our lives with the scope of diversity and utilization status, agro-biodiversity conservation and utilization, angiosperms, agricultural plant genetic resources (APGRs) and national and international policies. The workshop date was chosen as 22 May is the International Biodiversity Day with the theme of biodiversity and sustainable tourism. Joint Secretary of MoAD, Suresh BabuTiwari highlighted the following rational of organizing the workshop and explained the workshop objectives.

  • Update and share on conservation and use of APGRs, status of diversity and policy on APGRs in Nepal
  • Prepare list of i. Existing APGRs including cultivated, wild relatives and wild edible plants, ii. Lost APGRs, iii. Agro-biodiversity rich farmers (custodian farmers) and hotspots of agro-biodiversity, iv. Rare, endangered and unique APGRs, v. APGRs originated in the regions, vi. Organizations involved in the APGRs conservation
  • Enhance the capacity of agriculturists on management, conservation and utilization of APGRs
  • Establish linkage among diverse sectors and stakeholders for the management of APGRs
  • Accelerate the conservation and utilization of APGRs
  • Sharing and collecting feedbacks on ITPGRFA-MLS Implementation Strategy and Action Plan (IMISAP)

Opening session was chaired by the Secretary, MoAD,DrSurojPokhrel. Dr YR Pandey, ED, NARC; DilaramBhandari, DG, DoA; Representative from FAO Dr. BinodSahaand DrBalaramThapa, ED, LIBIRD shared opening remarks, giving due emphasis on the importance of workshop for conservation and utilization of agricultural plant genetic resources (APGRs). There were 75 participants, consisting of 6 female and 69 male, representing from 57 different governmental organizations, 16 non-governmental organizations and 2 freelancers. A total of 27 papers were presented by 24 experts who represented 5 NGOs, 17 GOs and 2 freelancers. At least three experts were coauthor in each paper. These papers were divided into four technical sessions, i. Conservation and utilization session chaired by Suresh BabuTiwari, ii. Accelerators for APGRs management session chaired by Dr YR Pandey, iii. Status of agronomic crops session chaired by Dr YR Pandey and iv. Status of horticultural crops, forges and CWR session chaired by DilaramBhandari. Six posters were presented. As a side event, publications from NAGRC and LIBIRD were displayed. Presentations were very informative and updated. Many comments and suggestions were raised during discussion session. Three groups were formed for making recommendation on future agendas for conservation, utilization of APGRs and access and benefit sharing. The first day program was facilitated by Deepa Singh and second day was by Krishna HariGhimire.
Closing session was chaired by Joint Secretary, Suresh BabuTiwari who briefly expressed the success of the workshop and planning of publishing proceedings. Active participations of all experts were highly appreciated. Closing remarks were made by Dharma DattaBaral, Chief, SQCC;DilaramBhandari, DG, DoA;DrMeenaPaudel, Chief, NAGRC;DrRamitaManandhar, FDD, Kirtipur and IUCN representativeDrPralhadThapa. Technical committee members,DrBal K. Joshi, DrDevendraGauchan, Dr Dharma Raj Dongol and Anil K. Acharya and the invitee,DrHariBahadur KC edited and shared the abstract book, which is available at