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Interaction Program between NARC and Agriculture & Water Reource Committee

An interaction between Agriculture & Water Resource Parliamentarian Committee (AWRPC) members and senior officials from Nepal Agricultural Research Council was held at NARI hall, Khumaltar on 20th March 2017. The program was conducted in the presence of Hon. Mohan Baral, Chairman of AWRPC. Other members present in the event were Hon. Mr. Amrit Kumar Bohara, Mr. Kasinath Adhikari,  Ms. KiranYadav and Ms. Shanta Nepali. Member of National Planning Commission Hon. Dr. Prabhu Singh Budhathoki and Secretary of MoAD Dr. Suraj Pokhrel, were also present in the program.  The discussion was focused on new structure of NARC, its smooth functionality and the problems faced by the NARC to achieve the desired goal have an interaction on working area, organizational structure of NARC and ongoing activities, achievements and the problems faced by NARC. Dr. Y.R. Pandey, Executive Director of NARC welcomed respected honorable guests and other participants. Director of Livestock and fisheries, Dr. Tek Bahadur Gurung presented about NARC activities and achievement so far.

After presentation, Dr. Pandey raised the issues about situation of planning and budget allocation system, amendment of NARC act (submitted in MoAD), periodic improvement of Bylaws etc. Other representatives of NARC, directors, scientists, technical officers and administrative staffs also expressed their views for the betterment of NARC in future. Hon. Member of NPC and secretary of MoAD provided critical and technical thoughts on the issues. All the participants agreed to solve some issues raised in program:

  1. Positive and negative impact of autonomy and its situation
  2. Appointment procedure of executive director
  3. About NARC Vision ( Not formalized yet), even prepared two times 
  4. Provision of pension to the retired employee
  5. Submission of NARC act in parliament after concrete discussion with concerned stakeholders
  6. Improvement in NARC Bylaws
  7. Provision of blue passport and facilities of medical treatment in Civil Hospital
  8. Motivation and creation of conducive environment for research in NARC

All agreed that political influence has rooted badly in NARC and discussed on possible ways to minimize it. Finally, the program was closed with the assurance of field and lab visit  by the parliamentary committee members during next time near future.