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Senior Scientist


Dr Bal Krishna Joshi
Link: Curriculum Vitae 2016


PhD Plant Breeding

Position at NARC

Senior Scientist (S-3)

Research Area

  • Molecular breeding (genotyping for identification, screening and diversity assessment; genes and QTLs mapping and tagging)
  • Tissue culture for conservation of agricultural plant genetic resources
  • Pre-breeding and genetic enhancement
  • Conservation aspects (ex-situ, on-farm and in-situ) in Seed Bank, Tissue Bank, DNA Bank, Field Genebank, Community Seed Bank and Community FieldGenebank
  • Agricultural biodiversity management including database and utilization

Contact Address

Genebank-NARC, Khumaltar
PO Box 3055, Kathmandu, Nepal
Tel: 5003331, 5003125


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