Pasture and Fodder Research Station, Dhunche, Rasuwa


Agricultural Research Station (Pasture) initially was known as “Rasuwa Pasture Development Farm” and was established at Kyanjing (3750 masl) in 2027 B.S. (1970) having one ha of land. Due to various difficulties and remoteness farm was transferred at Dhunche, district headquarter at an altitude of 1950 masl in 2029 B.S. (1973) occupying with 4.95 ha area. Now Langtang office is developed as sub- station and other sub- station was added in 2034/35 at Chandanbari (3250 masl) with an area of 0.7 ha in Syaphru VDC. The objective of this farm was to develop and manage proper forage resources and rangelands improvement for grazing animals in high hill regions. In the year 2047/48 several national level programs were included under the Nepal Agricultural Research Council (NARC) and Pasture Development Farm Rasuwa was named as Agriculture Research Station (Pasture), Rasuwa under new organizational set up of NARC. Recently, from the FY 2071/72, it has been again renamed as Pasture and Fodder Research Station. Since its establishment, this station has been conducting various research activities on pasture and fodder species of temperate grasses, legumes, rangeland improvement, grazing management, agroforestry and production research for technologies generation and dissemination for high hills.


Livelihood of the farming communities at high hills and mountains improved through increased livelihood productivity.


  • The overall objective of this station is to improve the general living condition of the farmers of Rasuwa district through increase livestock productivity. However the specific objectives are:
  • To conduct research on various aspects of pasture and fodder species.
  • To identify the existing problems in pasture/fodder and find out measures to solve them.
  • To develop appropriate technologies for alpine, sub-alpine, temperate, sub-tropical pasture development.
  • To develop suitable technological packages of forage cultivation and conservation.
  • To help in reducing the environmental degradation.
  • Develop appropriate site-specific technologies for rangeland management,
  • forage production and utilization.


  • Identification and selection of appropriate techniques for rangeland improvement, silvipasture, agroforestry, forage production, utilization and conservation.
  • Generate the suitable technologies for pastoral improvement in alpine, sub-alpine and temperate regions.
  • Conservation, utilization and sustainable development in alpine/sub-alpine/temperate & subtropical pasture and fodder grass/legume species.

Problem and constraint

  • Inadequate trained research scientists/technicians for fodder and pasture research activities.
  • Lack of co-ordination for collaborative research.
  • Lack of physical facilities.
  • Remoteness and physiotopographical barrier of the district.
  • Lack of transportation means.

Command area

The command areas of this station are 18 VDCs of Rasuwa district, which have potential utility for livestock farming. Sheep, goat and Chauries of neighboring districts such as Sindhuplchok, Dhading and Nuwakot also come to graze in different grazing land (kharkas) of Rasuwa district during the summer months. Therefore this station not only improves the feed situation of animals of Rasuwa district but also that of neighboring districts.


  • Mr. Birendra Khanal, Scientist/Chief
  • Mr. Narendra Prasad, Shah, Technical Officer (T-6)

Contact Address

Nepal Agricultural Research Council
Pasture and Fodder Research Station
Dhunche, Rasuwa, Nepal
Phone: 977-1-540137, 540138