Right Honorable President Visit at RARS, Tarahara

Right Honorable President Mrs. Bidya Devi Bhandari has made observation visit at Regional Agricultural Research Station, Tarahara on 19 Poush 2075 (3 January 2019). All research centers/commodity programs of Province Number 1 under Nepal Agricultural Research Council had participated at the program. Executive Director of Nepal Agricultural council, Dr. Tek Bahadur Gurung, Planning and Co-ordination Director, Dr. Ram Chandra Adhikari and Regional Director Mr. Tika Ram Chapagain had welcomed the President in the program. Technologies/varieties developed under Agronomy, Horticulture, and Livestock and Fishery had been displayed in the exhibition. Rt Honorable President enthusiastically observed the displayed technologies developed by the seven research centers/commodity programs of Province Number 1. Chief Minister of the Province, Mr. Sher Dhan Rai had also participated in the program with very keen interest and observed the exhibition. Regional Director Mr Chapagain facilitated in communicating the displayed technologies/varieties to the Honorable President.

After observation visit, Executive Director of Nepal Agricultural Research Council, Dr. Gurung made a short presentation including role of research centers/commodity programs in contributing agricultural development of Province Number 1. Finally the Rt. Honorable President addressing the program commended the role of research centers/commodity programs in agricultural development of the country and indicated importance of agricultural research in contributing to achieve double digit economic growth. Extending newly developed technologies to farmer’s field and displacing traditional agricultural system with replacement of modern agriculture being the major challenges of the day, Rt. Honorable President stressed that fulfilling national ambition of prosperous Nepal is possible only with role of research centers/commodity programs increasing productivity of agricultural products by inventing new technologies. Rt. Honorable President also indicated full acceptance in establishing deemed university under Nepal Agricultural Research Council. Rt. Honorable President focusing on further strong and successful role of agricultural research expressed, ‘research centers/commodity programs should be conserved and promoted’. The president making the visit and addressing the program has been seen as a strong message.