Training on Community Genebank and Insect Field Genebank conducted

National Agriculture Genetic Resources Centre (NAGRC) in collaboration with Raithane Agri Products, organized 2 days training on Community Genebank and Insect Field Genebank at Baijanath Rural Municipality, Gabhar Valley Community Home Stay, Gabar, Banke. The training was conducted on 23-24 Falgun 2078 (7-8 March 2022). There were altogether 21 participants mainly representing farmers who have been involved in biodiversity conservation. The training was inaugurated by chairperson of Baijanath Rural Municipality, Mr. Man Bahadur Ruchal in the auspicious presence of several guests including Dr. Samid Ahamad (Director, Directorate of Agricutural Research, Lumbini Province, Khajaura) Dr. Rajendra Darai (Co-ordinator, Grainlegume Research Program), Mr. Shyam K Shah (Warden, Banke National Park), Mr. Sagar Dhakal (Agriculture Knowledge Centre, Banke), Mr. Tilak Dhakal (Chairperson, Raithane Agro-products) and journalists from several magazines.

After inauguration, the technical session of the training was facilitated by four resource persons from National Genebank, Banke National Park and Raithane Agro products. First, Mr. Shyam Kumar Shah, Chief Warden of Banke National Park, delivered the session on agrobiodiversity conservation in Banke National Park. Then, Dr. Bal Krishna Joshi, Chief of National Genebank shared practice and experiences about agrobiodiversity in Nepal, National Genebank, its intitiatives, Community Genebank and Household Genebank. Mr. Tilak Dhakal, Chairperson of Raithane Agri products, discussed about link between agrobiodiversity and tourism. Finally, Mr. RP Mainali, Entomologist from National Genebank, delivered the session on beneficial insect diversity and its conservation in Nepal. During second day, Mr. Purmal Basnet, conservation activist took session regarding his journey towards conserving stingless honeybees. Then, Mr. RP Mainali delivered the session about inventorying of beneficial insects. As an outcome of the training, first community genebank was inaugurated in Gabhar Valley, Banke on 24 Falgun 2078 8 March 2022 by Dr. Bal Krishna Joshi, Chief of National Genebank, NARC. Community Genebank Network was also established. At the end of the day, the two days training program was closed and certificates were distributed by guests to all participants. The training was facilitated by Mr. RP Mainali from Genebank.

The whole training activity and news regarding establishment of first community genebank was featured in several news, magazines and television, and few of them are: