National Plant Breeding and Genetics Research Centre


National Plant Breeding and Genetics Research Centre is a leading disciplinary research centre of Nepal Agricultural Research Council (NARC) for the development and release of improved varieties suitable for various agro-climatic domains and cropping systems. It is located at an altitude of 1368 masl, 27०40’00” N Latitude and 85०20’ 00” E Longitude. It started its operation in 1966 under Department of Agricultural Education and Research. The main function of the centre is to conduct adaptive research using methods and principles of conventional plant breeding and modern biotechnology for the improvement of crop. In the past, the centre was also involved in conservation and utilization of Plant Genetic Resources and Seed Science and Technology related programs. The significance of the Plant Breeding technique has been realized since the inception of centre. Plant Breeding activities have been undertaken for nationally important cereal crops to improve their productivity. As a result, several improved varieties of Rice, Maize and Wheat have been released for general cultivation in the Hills. The centre is also involved in seed planning (mainly on Breeder Seed), Seed Quality Control and Variety release in association with National Seed Board (NSB), Seed Quality Control Centre (SQCC), Ministry of Agriculture and Development (MoAD) and other seed stakeholders.


Development of varieties, genetic studies of important traits of concerned crop varieties.


  • Genetic studies of important traits in crop varieties.
  • Development of crop varieties especially for Hill environment in coordination with concerned disciplinary division and crop commodity program.
  • Monitor and assist Plant Breeding programs of various research stations.
  • Produce Breeder seed of released and pre-released crop varieties.


  • Integration of molecular and biotechnological tools along with conventional Plant Breeding for development of crop varieties in coordination with other multi-disciplinary division.
  • Strengthen Plant Breeding program in NARC research stations.
  • Strengthen collaborations with various National and International Institutions..

Current thrust areas for research

  • Varietal improvement works in rice, maize, wheat, oilseeds, grain legumes and underutilized crops.
  • Monitor and visit of plant breeding activities of different research stations under NARC.

Infrastructure and facilities

The centre has a total land area of 4.16 hectare including office building and laboratories (0.16 ha). Four hectare of land is available for different research activities in which 2 hectare for experimental plots and 2 hectare for breeder seed production. There are two threshing floors, two store house, one glass house and four rooms with seed bins and trays.

Organization structure and human resource

National Plant Breeding and Genetic Centre has six major area of research namely rice, maize, wheat, underutilized crops, Oilseed (Rapeseed) and grain legumes. There are two Senior scientist and three scientists and four technical officers and one officer of each for account and administration including 12 other support staffs.


Rice: The centre has given the major leadership in the development and release of 18 varieties for Mid Hills (Taichung-1, Chainung-242, Tainan-1, Chainan-2, Himali, Kanchan, Khumal-2, Khumal-3, Khumal-4, Khumal-5, Khumal-6, Khumal-7, Khumal-8, Khumal-9, Khumal-10, Khumal-11, khumal-13) and fine variety for High Hills (Palung-2, Chandannath-1, Chandannath-3, Lekali-1, Lekali-3). It has also worked as collaborator in selection and development of Machhapuchhre and Pokhreli Jetho Budho for Mid Hills specially for Pokhara Valley.


  • Mr. Bhanu Bhakta Pokhrel, Senior Scientist (S-4)/Chief
  • Dr. Pallavi Kumari Singh, Senior Scientist (S-3)
  • Mr. Jiban Shrestha, Scientist (S-2)
  • Mr. Rudra Bhattarai, Scientist (S-1)
  • Mr. Ramesh Acharya, Scientist (S-1)
  • Mr. Mahesh Subedi, Scientist (S-1)
  • Mrs. Sumitra Pant, Technical Officer
  • Mr. Sudeep Subedi, Technical Officer
  • Mr. Ujjwal Kumar Kushwaha, Technical Officer
  • Mr. Atit Parajuli, Technical Officer
  • Ms. Bidhya Maharjan, Technical Officer

Contact Address

National Plant Breeding and Genetics Research Centre
Nepal Agricultural Research Council (NARC)
Khumaltar, Lalitpur
P.O.Box 1135, Kathmandu, Nepal
Tel: (+977-1) 5- 521 614 Fax: (+977-1) 5-545 485