National Soil Science Research Centre


Systematic study of soil in Nepal was started from 1957 (2014 BS) with the establishment of Soil Science Section. Soil fertility, soil chemistry, soil physics and soil survey GIS & remote sensing were the main unit during that time. Later soil microbiology unit was added. With the expansion of different types of activities clay mineralogy, and soil micronutrients units were also added but did not continue their activities. Clay mineralogy was discontinued after some time and soil micronutrients were taken care by soil fertility. This division tackled problems related to soil. This division was even involved in formulation of policies and development activities of the Government. After the formation of Nepal Agricultural Research Council (NARC) in 1992 as an autonomous body, research activities remained with NARC and development and policy matters were handled by DOA.

During this long period soil science has produced soil survey and resources inventory of 55 agricultural potential districts of Nepal. It has also recommended doses of fertilizers to major crops in different agro-ecological regions of Nepal. As an integral part soil science has provided services to different clients by analyzing soil, plant, water and fertilizers for several years. Increasing soil humus by promoting organic manure as substitute of expensive mineral fertilizers, isolating local and imported strain of Rhyzobium and azotobacter cultures for nitrogen fixation in legume and cereal were also activities of soil science. Soil science has added a component to map different agricultural activities using GIS tools. Recently, greenhouse gas emissions have become an important parameter to be looked by the soil scientist. National Soil Science Research Centre at Khumaltar has recently added a component of soil environment which looks into the global warming potential, pollution ground and surface water pollution through fertilizers and including plant protection chemicals. Collaborating with different international organizations and universities soil science has made an attempt to assess the soil and nutrients losses from slopping agricultural land rehabilitation of some degraded lands.

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The main objective of this centre is to make an inventory of soil resources of the country and develop soil management technologies for sustainable agriculture production through judicious use of organic, inorganic and biological sources of plant nutrients through diagnostic analysis of soil, plants and water including dissemination of approved technology.


  • Dr. Shree Prasad Vista, Senior Scientist (S-3)/Chief
  • Ms Sabina Devkota Regmi, Scientist (S1)
  • Ms Shova Shrestha, Scientist (S1)
  • Ms. Saraswoti Kandel, Scientist (S-1)
  • Mr. Sushil Lamichhane, Scientist (S-1)
  • Mr. Roshan Babu Ojha, Scientist (S-1)
  • Mr. Nabin Rawal, Scientist (S-1)
  • Mr. Dinesh Khadka, Technical Officer
  • Ms. Rashila Manandhar KC, Technical Officer
  • Ms Binita Thapa, Technical officer
  • Ms. Sushila Joshi, Technical Officer

Contact Address

Nepal Agricultural Research Council (NARC)
National Soil Science Research Centre
Khumaltar, Lalitpur, Nepal
PO Box 5459, Kathmandu
Tel: +977-1-5521149 Fax: +977-1-5521197